cover Pandatone sounds like what you think an artist called Pandatone would sound like.

…Okay, that wasn’t helpful. Here’s Boomkat’s description:

bq. Eclectic-acoustic sound collages, glitched laptop shenanigans, inexplicably strange and yet curiously warm feeling – here’s an album that dispenses with rules and formulas, instead delivering blissed out charm and diversity on a musical whim that gloriously fits in with the sound of the moment.

…Yup, that sounds about right. I’m as bad (or worse) at describing music as I am at describing food, so I’ll say that if you are drawn to things on Morr Music, you’ll probably like Pandatone. Songs from his debut album Lemon & Limes made me think of Electric President, Marianas, a gajillion other things that sound clicky, layered, disjointed, happy, random and calculated at the same time, etc. Here’s an mp3:


Pandatone – Summerfill

There are more mp3s on the official site/blog and myspace.