zefrank and bread “If the earth were a sandwich
We’d get along so well
We could feed everybody
With a piece of ourselves”

It’s not exactly deep, but maybe zefrank has a point.

bq. The fact that the earth has never been a sandwich is probably why things are so fucked up.

I’ll go with that.

He proposes that two people on opposite points of the globe each place a slice of bread on the ground to make this earth sandwich that will help everyone get along. It won’t really work if you live in the continental US because the opposite is the Indian Ocean, but maybe somewhere else in the world this earth sandwich dream can become reality. For instance, if I lived in Taiwan all I’d have to do is find someone in Paraguay to make the largest sandwich ever.

I don’t know how zefrank can so quickly put together a movie-thinger and song, but maybe his brain is just really fast. I’m sure he has a real life…yeah?…yeeaah I hope so.

If the earth were a sandwich, it wouldn’t taste very good. Unless the earth is made of buffalo mozzerella, in which case it would be deeeelicious.