Oh, you’ve probably seen the Radiohead tour dates already. Or if not, hit up Brooklyn Vegan.

When I heard that Radiohead was touring, I thought, “…Man…I’m too lazy for that.” I have truly lost it. While a few years ago I would’ve thought, “ZOMGORZ, MUST SEE RADIOHEAD, HOOHAA, THE DANCE OF THE THOM!!” I guess I’ve calmed down a bit since then. Or maybe my interest in music has waned significantly.

I am the uber-lazy music fan.

Anyhoo, these are the dates I would’ve been interested in:

* 6/13 – New York, NY @ The Theatre at Madison Square Garden
* 6/14 – New York, NY @ The Theatre at Madison Square Garden

The tour is meant to be more intimate than…well, any other concerts that Radiohead would normally play. I saw them twice at MSG and despite being far enough to necessitate the use of binoculars, the concerts were still awesomer than most I had been to. Thus is the magic of RH. And Thom’s dancing skills.

But I’m gettin’ old. And lazy. And if all goes well, I SHOULD BE IN NORWAY DURING THAT TIME PERIOD! HOOHA, I’M GONNA BE IN NORWAY, WEEOO WOOEE LEAVING THE TRI-STATE AREA!! So no Radiohead for me, just Norweeeegians. I haven’t bought plane tickets yet so I can’t say 1000% sure that I’ll be in Norway, but I’m 999% sure, so that’s pretty damn good.

For no reason, here is a nice song about slaves: