album cover For some reason I have listened to Band of Horses over and over again for two days straight. NO SLEEP, JUST MUSIC. Okay, some sleep. I can’t pin down why I like them, as listening to them makes me think about how they sound like other music that I don’t particularly like, but I guess there’s something different about them that I like. Like that their name contains the word “horses”. Yes, that’s it.

…Okay, that’s not it. But I’m not going to describe their music. All I know is that it makes me happy.

Listen to two songs from their album “Everything All the Time” on myspace. I found that myspace isn’t so bad if you only use it to listen to artists who don’t suck or subject you to staring at a page that makes your eyes bleed. The mp3s are also available from sub pop:

Band of Horses – The Funeral
Band of Horses – The Great Salt Lake

They’re playing a few shows in the NYC area soon:

* Friday June 16th: Bowery Ballroom, New York, NY
* Saturday June 17th: Maxwell’s, Hoboken, NJ
* Sunday June 18th: Warsaw, Brooklyn, NY

Figures that when an artist I want to see actually comes by, it’s during a time I can’t go. Mrrh.

kitty! Holy crap, it’s a giant kitty. Check out Grandaddy’s video for Where I’m Anymore. This groundbreaking method of “biking around with a video camera and a cat statue and singing to oneself” also has a behind the scenes video. Awesome? No—it’s…awesome3 . Listen to more songs from “Just Like the Fambly Cat” on myspace.

Although I went by Other Music last night for Jason Lytle’s performance, it took my friends and me a little too long to eat dinner, resulting in the lack of punctuality. Crap. And then my friend who agreed to tag along didn’t feel like waiting, meaning that I didn’t either since we both live far away and were suffering from “sleepy brain syndrome”. If only the store were a bit larger, perhaps we could’ve easily smooshed in. Of course, I suck for not sticking around or failing to eat more quickly.

The Music Slut has some nice words and photos of the performance. She also asks if women hate Grandaddy. NOOOOOOO! I made a friend listen to them two days ago and she liked em! Yeah, one down, only a gajillion to go. Actually, I first got into Grandaddy a few years ago when one of my friends of the female sort put “The Crystal Lake” on a mix CD for me. And then a few albums later I found out I liked…all their songs. I can’t believe the crowd was so highly testosteroned though. The only time I’ve been in a crowd of almost no women was at the 8-bit music thing, which kinda made sense because geeky game people tend to be male. Can’t really argue with that.

Jason’s voice is kind of odd—sometimes whiny, sometimes very sweet, usually soft, kind of lilty. I find it cozy and comforting. Like blankets.