I’ve listened to Japanese music before, but nothing ever really caught my ear. Also, J-Pop is scary. I wish I were more aware of music from Japan (or anything from Asia for that matter), as there must be a crapload of good stuff coming out of there, little of what trickles over to this side of the earth. (For lots of great random music stuff, a lot of it focused on Japan since that’s where its based right now, check out Nik’s blog, BiBaBiDi.)

On that note, “Supercar”:http://nippop.com/artist/artist_id-47/artist_name-supercar/ is pretty awesome, so awesome in my mind that I’m totally giving up writing this crappy anthropology essay so that I can update my blog (honestly, I have to really like the hell out of something to take the time to blog it…admittedly, I also really don’t want to write this essay). Unfortunately, I just heard of this band today and found out they broke up last year. Damn. First, check out this awesome music video for “Wonderword”:

I don’t know what’s going on. I don’t care. The beginning (of the song, not the video) automatically made me think of “Drawing Restraint 9”:http://unit.bjork.com/specials/dr9/ (the song “Shimenawa”), but then it goes into happy boppy whatnot. Which is good.

They have a lot of awesome music videos. Too many to link. But here’s another one for their song “Strobolights”, which you can download in mp3 form [via TrulyObscure]:

Yeaaah I love watching freaky animal puppets play instruments to blip-tastic…blippyness. DON’T YOU? Good. [pat pat]

Thanks to metafilter for sucking up my life with the power of the Internet.