I mean, I love em. Professor Pez is quite lovable. Happy poppy tunes that go perfect with the sunny weather we’ve been having in NYC lately. I don’t know if the weather is like that in Norway or if making this happy poppy stuff makes it easier to cope with gloomy weather, but…whatever, it’s nice. So here’s what they have going for them:

# They’re Norwegian, from BERGEN, of course
# They’re music is cute, kinda B&S-ish, except I’m not a huge B&S fan for some reason…but I mention them for comparison’s sake
# They have an amusing biography
# They’re ninja friendly

You can download a bunch of things from their official page or listen to stuff on myspace. “Stuff” and “things”…yes, my vocabulary is growing larger every day.

I found out about this band through Echo, which has about a gazillion other things you should listen to. Really. I dunno the last time I spent so long listening to everything on one blog.

[There are other random bits and bobs I want to talk about, but I’m pretty damn lazy. If you sent me an email saying I should listen to something, I did listen to it. I don’t get to write about everything I want to. Mrah.]