“moving patterns 2006, electronic music and beyond”:http://www.acfny.org/s151.aspx?CSIT=2 is taking place this year from April 26-29 at the “Austrian Cultural Forum”:http://www.acfny.org. “The four-evening program is packed with concerts and DJ parties and will present artists from various disciplines – electronic music, avant-garde, rock, and pop.” More info:

This year, Austria is celebrating important birthdays of two personalities who had a major impact on history. While Wolfgang Amadeus is being remembered at full volume around the globe, the commemoration of Sigmund Freud, one of Vienna’s greatest contributors to the world’s intellectual history, is rather restrained.

moving patterns builds a bridge, or several bridges, to Mozart and Freud. Taking place in two parts, one in April and one in November, the festival’s slogan is ‘It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.’ On some level, it refers to an element swept under the rug in all the jubilation over Mozart’s genius: the torment of the wunderkind driven by an overambitious father and the emotional musical moments it engendered. The title of Part 1 of the festival, Lost in Transference, points to the theoretical analysis that took place perhaps a hundred years later of the underlying mechanism that may have been at play here.

Poised somewhere between bitter seriousness and lighthearted irony, the program will bring electronica from Austria, and above all from Vienna, to New York.

Uh huh! I’m sure it’s cool. Full schedule is at acfny.org. The event is totally free and the building is pretty cool if you like minimal architecture…stuff. I only went once in 2002 to see B. Fleischmann, but since I actually live in NYC now I have less reason to sit on my butt forever when there’s possibly some hott Austrian music in my midst. (When I went before, my mum had to come with me and it was probably awkward. Not many teenagers. Lots and lots of people speaking German. Dudes playing music on laptops. My mum didn’t complain…what a trooper.)