bq. In order to pursue a distinct musical flavor outside Funcoms own composing talents, Funcom shared visions with Warner music in order to release a soundtrack EP fitted for a modern adventure game. Trying to bring forth an emotional impact delivering more than the regular one dimensional adrenaline-factor so often found in games, Funcom found a perfect match in the Norwegian artist Magnet. Featured as the artist of the week on iTunes, and with songs in TV series like ‘The OC ‘and ‘Six feet under’, the critically acclaimed Magnet delivers four tracks to ‘Dreamfall‘, and all of these are available on the EP.

[more in this “Funcom press release”:]

Okay, this is one of the weirdest things I’ve heard of. I’m not big on videogames. Not that I hate them. All my hobbies (like playing games, reading books, breathing fresh air,etc) were replaced by the Internet around 1998. I grew up in a household with seemingly every game console, as bought by my obsessive older brother, who should now have thumbs of steel (with the downside of being half-blind).

Um. Yeah. I think if I saw this game and hear Magnet in it, that would mess up the nice images I’ve already made to go with his music. Kinda like a not-so-good music video. Or a not-so-good movie adaptation of a book.

Actually, I have no images. MY MIND IS EMPTY. But I want to keep it that way.