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this room is freakin’ huge

I saw “Franz Ferdinand”:http://www.franzferdinand.co.uk/ and “Death Cab for Cutie”:http://www.deathcabforcutie.com/ … [looks at watch] four days ago. For some reason it feels like it has been much longer. “Honey”:http://slapchar.blogspot.com/ and “Yetta”:http://yetta1.blogspot.com/ can tell you that I was extremely out of it to the point that I almost fell asleep, which shouldn’t be easy to do when you’re being blasted by a gajillion decibels of rock. I guess it didn’t help that we had mezzanine seats and got to sit for most of the concert, which isn’t something I’d usually choose, but in my case of head flumping it was much nicer than having to stand on the floor.

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The Cribs

These are “The Cribs”:http://www.thecribs.com, even if their banner looks like it says The Crabs. They sounded alright to me. Their pants may have been a smidge too tight.

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DCFC had a cute tree + random ghostly looking shacks stage setup. I liked them, but I couldn’t get very into it because of the head flumping problem and other random crap swimming in the brainmeats. It’s really hard for me to like something if I’m not familiar with the music beforehand unless the act is especially odd or funny (the only artist I can recall becoming a big fan of after seeing live for the first time is CocoRosie), categories that I wouldn’t say DCFC falls into. But ye know…good times.

Strangely, I’ve listened to Transatlanticism a gajillion times in the past 24 hours. I’ve owned the album for 3 years, but never gave it a good run through until yesterday. Maybe I should’ve done that…three years ago.

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Franz Ferdinand was who I really wanted to see. This was my third show and it may have been the best (at least that’s what one of my friend’s said, and he’s probably seen them a gajillion times), but it was also the one where I was most sleepy and bogged down with junk and farthest away (also, this was the most cavernous venue I’ve seen em at), so the magic was a bit lost on me. This is when I got to stand. Which was dandy. What was really different during this concert compared to others I’ve been to was that either people were talking a lot more than usually, or I was somehow more attune to people’s chatter. Perhaps I’m too picky? I don’t need to feel like I’m intruding on someone’s house party.

While I was standing there in a daze, I realized that what I love more than anything else are small shows. Or the Flaming Lips. Seriously, nothing beats the Flaming Lips, which makes me sad because…well, there’s a lot out there besides the Flaming Lips and even though I haven’t seen it all, I can’t imagine what could be much better. Radiohead is the only band I can think of that I thoroughly enjoy even if I’m seeing them from a mile away because…well, they’re Radiohead, and if you’re one of those people who hates it when the audience sings (I overheard some guy carping about that once), when hundreds of people are doing it, you just have to deal. And on top of all that, Magnet is still my favorite, although I still haven’t had the chance to see him in a small, packed venue.

I took two crappy videos: Lindsey Wells, Outsiders. Hoorah.

Okay, read Yetta’s review and Honey’s review instead. They’re about 10000000010 more interesting than this entry (epic storytelling; I ain’t kidding). For one thing, she and Honey stayed out until 3-frickin’ AM (I left right after the show) and met the entire band, among other things. They’re such passionate music fans; it makes me look horrible. WHY DO I HAVE THIS BLOG?

…Really, I wonder. I haven’t been listening to much lately. I only know a handful of people who read this blog, but I get random music related emails, so that’s kind of odd. Maybe you should stop.

I have no more concerts planned for the semester or summer as of now, and I may not even go to anything next semester. Holy crap, was this my last concert of the year? (scratches head) If Mew comes in the summer, that’s all I predict I’ll go to. Magnet may come back next fall also.