Dude. DUDE.

I’m half deaf. But that’s okay. The Flaming Lips are worth a few frizzled, delicate ear hair…things.

Despite not having seen every band in the world, I can’t imagine how anyone can be better than the Flaming Lips. Who else exudes such genuine happiness and silliness and enthusiasm and other things I can’t come up with right now? Who else makes something inside you explode, something that isn’t a normal human organ, but…a new organ…yes, a new organ that doesn’t cause pain when it explodes, but bursts with the emotional equivalents of rainbows and confetti? This feeling isn’t connected with anything else except the moment. You’re there. You’re happy. God knows what else is going on in the outside world. You just glow and you feel like something magical–but at the same time completely real–is happening.

I don’t know how to explain it. Like the last time I saw them, I got the same feeling the whole time…


Yup. I’ll probably have more to say later, but that’s my initial reaction.