Sondre Lerche

You know you’ve waited too long to write about something (or you take too many photos on a regular basis) when the photo you’re trying to find is on the 12th page of your photostream. BUT THERE HE IS. Sondre Lerche, I mean. I’m not uber-obsessed with Sondre, but I do like him enough that I’ve seem him two times before. Both times were free shows, but still! Friday night’s show was for charity. I will see a proper “with a band” show later.

So…I don’t remember a great deal about the show besides that it was great. How could Sondre do wrong? Well…he can’t. What he can do is bop around with hair in his face and babble endearingly about random stuff (NYC is hot, Norway is cold and has polar bears, we find celsius foreign, someone said his songs are feminine, he really loves the Duper Sessions album) while testing out his new electric guitar and being overly humble. I recorded one song since it was the shortest (even though the original file works fine for me, it’s not in sync in youtube):

He mainly played new songs (I only recognized “Minor Detail”), but threw in a few old ones as well. Music Slut wrote a more detailed review so you may as well just read that.