If you’re wondering (but you probably aren’t)…my laundy has completed the cleaning cycle.

Avoiding work at 3:50 AM means going on YouTube in hopes of finding something “Magnet”:http://www.homeofmagnet.com related. HOT DAMN, I FOUND SOMETHING:

Videos! Sound! The same person also recorded “Believe”:http://youtube.com/watch?v=L8XQAsP3lLY and “Where Happiness Lives”:http://youtube.com/watch?v=q704NAYL5J4. I like the banjo-fied version of Believe much more than the regular electric guitar one he did at Webster Hall. Not really into this version of Where Happiness Lives for some reason (there’s at least three version, my favorite of which is this insanely morose one that sounds like death). (By the way, you can download YouTube videos and others through “keepvid.com”:http://keepvid.com/.)

“Nothing Hurts Now”:http://homeofmagnet.com/lyrics/nothinghurtsnow.html is one of my favorite songs. He usually ends his sets with it, perhaps to leave us feeling extremely sad because the song is pretty damn depressing. Yup. It’s even better when people aren’t chatting over his performance like that time at Pianos. The Hotel Cafe crowd seems very nice. Rewritable Content has a review.

Seeing Even perform live is very different from listening to his albums. It’s. Just. Really good. Yes. I was going to write something about how seeing “Nothing Hurts Me” live makes me feel, but it would just come out like [mumble mmdsffds keyboard smash] and [gugughgffd another keyboard smash]. In other words, I can’t really describe it. The pain sets in after I leave the venue and want to cry or drown my sorrows in a bag of granola (true story…which I won’t recount here).

He’s playing his last show for this tour at “The Living Room”:http://www.livingroomny.com this Tuesday night at 10PM. Then he will go right back to his barn/recording studio in Norway and record his new album…or something…and then god knows when he’ll come back. I think the tickets sold out, but if anyone reading this really wants to go I could probably get you a ticket (just leave a comment or something before Monday). As CJ said, I “push Magnet like crack”. So here I am, crack-pushing.