Right now I should either be doing homework or washing my laundry. But since I’d rather do anything else than write a craptastic paper or churn my dirty clothes in a vat of water, I’ll update this blog.

Lineland is one dude named Malcolm Felder who makes pseudo-video-gamey soft blippy music. Yeah, that’s my favorite genre too! His album Pavillion came out back in 2003 on the “I really heart them” Audio Dregs label, which means I’ve been listening to it since then…and it’s still good. Don’t you tired of some music after a while? A week, perhaps? (The latest Coldplay album did that to me–oh well.) For some reason, I never get tired of this kind of music. Take a listen:


Lineland – Rock I, Rock II

He’s also got some mp3s up on his website:

[audio:http://lineland.net/anewworst.mp3] [audio:http://lineland.net/planetaigreja.mp3]

If you like those songs, the whole album is pretty much like that. Bloopify your life! And do your laundry!