This is turning into a Magnet blog! Nooo!… yeeeesss! …um. And it’s NYC-based, thus this thing:

But it’s not just a countdown to the re-opening of “Shake Shack”: (they close during the winter because it’s outside and…it’s cold, yes’m); it’s a countdown to “Magnet playing at the Living Room”:

HAR HAR HAR. I have no life. Danny Meyer, look what you’ve done. You give me this silly countdown thing and make me crave Shackapalooza like never before (“quintuple dip, any four toppings, whipped cream and cherries. served in a shake shack pail with a shovel $9.92”, yes please).

So this is your plan for March 21st. Get burgered/custard-ed and get some “”Magnet”: in your system. (nods)

By the way, it seems like Canadians like Magnet, or maybe they just blog about it more. Well, some of them. I LIKE YOU, CANADA.