For whatever reason I’ve had to listen to “Copy”: over and over again. WHYYY?

…Oh, I like his songs. Okay. Good reason. “Audio Dregs”: describes his music like so: “Copy busts out the gate with an essential sound somewhere between Ratatat’s upbeat triumphant numbers, Dabrye’s deceptively simple melodics, and YMO’s orchestral 8-bit.” I have to admit, that only 50% made sense to me. But maybe that helps you. (I never got into Ratatat for some reason. Or I got into them 50%.)

My description: Blippy, bleepy, spastic,and twitchy. Hey, that almost rhymed. But not. If I weren’t so uncoordinated, I might even dance to this stuff. Here is the song “A Slight but Delicious Warble” from his latest album, “Mobius Beard”:


And another one called “Afro Oven”:


(And more at that “myspace thing”:

And…that’s all I’ve heard from this album, but I’d think the rest is good too. Buy from “Audio Dregs”:, who also has a special Dim Dim discounted cd-pack thinger!…which probably doesn’t interest you, but I wanted Bounce anyway so I may as well buy that.

Is it sad that I don’t remember the last time I bought a CD in an actual store?