Wellll it’s probably pointless for me to post this now, but “Soft”:http://www.thebandsoft.com/ is playing at “Cake Shop”:http://www.cake-shop.com/ tonight, along with “Levy”:http://designedmemory.com/levy/index.html and other bands that are probably good, but I can’t judge. So listen to some music while eating cake. I’ve never been there but I assume they have cake.

Saturday, February 4, 11PM @The Cake Shop 152 Ludlow Street, $8

1:00am: Rahim (French Kiss Records)
12:00am: Professor Murder
11:00pm: SOFT
10:00pm: Levy (One Little Indian)
9:00pm: Other Passengers

Hey, it’s a gopher! Or something. Here’s an even from Cracker’s United:

CrackersUnited.com is proud to announce their upcoming FRICTION show featuring the incredible lineup of Emma La Reina, Up the Empire , The Go Station and The Art of Shooting at Rothko on Tuesday, February 7th, 2006. Doors open at 7:30pm with a $10 cover at the door. Rothko is located at 116 Suffolk Street (corner of Rivington).

show info: http://crackersunited.com/blog/?p=358

“The Art of Shooting”:http://www.theartofshooting.com/
mp3: http://www.theartofshooting.com/sounds/LIBfinalmix.mp3

“The Go Station”:http://www.thegostation.com/
mp3: http://www.thegostation.com/media/BattleLines.mp3

“Up the Empire”:http://www.uptheempire.com/
mp3: http://uptheempire.com/mp3/04_Recover%20-%20Up%20the%20Empire.mp3

“Emma La Reina”:http://emmalareina.com/
mp3: http://www.emmalareina.com/03%20Emma%20La%20Reina%20-%20Dopamine%20and%20Sunshine.mp3

FRICTION is a monthly showcase of bands that are on the forefront of New York City’s local indie music scene. Previous shows have featured Nicole Atkins, Foreign Islands , Other Passengers, Man In Gray, The Silent League, Summer Lawns and DJ Ultragrrrl.

The next FRICTION show at Rothko will be on Wednesday, March 8th, 2006.

Contact: crackersunited@gmail.com