Josh Rouse - Quiet Town I don’t *love* this song/video, but I really like it, which counts for…something. Not having listened to “Josh Rouse”: in roughly forever, I decided to watch his new video, Quiet Town, “a homage to the little Spanish community Altea, where Josh first laid roots upon arrival” [“filter”:]. It’s…comforting. Like home videos stitched together, except in a nicer fashion than most home videos and with a more artistic feel, because that’s what black and white does to you. _Mm, monochromatic!_

I don’t know why I haven’t listened to Josh in forever; there’s no good excuse. The first time I listened to him is memorable because it was kind of…random. In 1998 or 1999, I received a free cd from and out of the gazillion mp3s on the cd, Josh’s was the _only_ good one. The. Only. One. Out of a lot. I guess it’s not like the other ones sucked, but…well, maybe they _did_ suck, a judgement I made after sampling a few seconds of each track because I have the attention span of an excited puppy. Here’s the song I was drawn to, off the album “Dressed Up Like Nebraska”:

Josh Rouse – Dressed Up Like Nebraska [removed]

There are other good songs on this album, but for some reason I didn’t like most of them. I wore out the songs that I loved (roughly three of them) and then not long ago while cleaning out my CDs, I sold it on Amazon. Hm. It had a good resell value. Anyhoo, it’s probably time for me to listen to his newer stuff.

…I just realized I didn’t actually verbalize what his music sounds like. Wellll. That’s what the mp3 and video are for. Sorry. Too lazy to write real stuff.

“Chris reviews Josh Rouse at Joe’s Pub”:

[PS: “Hipsters are so nice and soft”:]