Beck, a decade ago I’ve been saddened by the realization that I haven’t been that into the last two Beck albums. WHAT IS THIS MONSTROSITY? I love Beck! Yes! Or. I loved his stuff before the last two albums.

So…I went through a bunch of Beck singles and found all these b-sides that scream awesome. If you’re a big Beck fan, you’ve probably heard of them. If you’re just a casual fan and haven’t felt the need to scope out EVERY B-SIDE IMAGINABLE (hell, even I haven’t), you maybe not have heard of them. Here are two that I really like:

Corvette Bummer – from the UK “Loser” single. Kinda like “Soul Suckin Jerk”, one of my favorite songs from Mellow Gold. [removed]
Alcohol – from the US “Loser” single. I think. Sounds like something off “One Foot in the Grave”. [removed]

If you want something newer, check out the Nick Drake covers at “”: For a less annoying way to listen to them, download them through yousendit. [thanks Mellow]

Lastly, this is the coolest (or tastiest) Beck fan art I’ve seen: “Lizzy’s portrait of Beck done in chocolate sprinkles on a Christmas cookie!”: