“Styrofoam”:http://styro.be/ has a “blog”:http://standaard.typepad.com/styrofoam/ (or “tour diary”, which I suppose sounds like a better term). It’s almost completely non-English (Dutch, yes?), but there are plenty of photos to stare at, like POWDERED DONETTES! Mm, donettes! Styrofoam is playing at the Knitting Factory next Tuesday and if I didn’t suck, I’d go by myself instead of staying home by myself wishing I had someone to go with. It’s only $10! GO! I saw him perform once a few years ago opening for The Notwist, but that was before I knew I liked his music. Overall, that night was a bit of a bust; the Notwist went on so late that I only got to see them perform a few songs before I had to catch a bus home (but I got to see all of Styrofoam’s set, hehe). That’s just one of the reasons why living in NJ = crap.

…yet now I live about 15 minutes from the Knitting Factory, and I’m still a homebody. Oops. 🙁

Last week one of my friends asked if I heard the new “B. Fleischmann”:http://www.bfleischmann.com/ album. New album? What huh?! How could I not know about this album? I’m not a super-big BF fan (seriously, I need to shorten the name) but besides the Nico 7″, over the past four years or so, I’ve accumulated all his releases (…okay, maybe I am), plus a few compilations (and don’t forget “Duo 505”:http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0002D9ERA/). Yes, I enjoy the Fleischmann, thus I was horrified when I realized I didn’t know about his new release, “The Humbucking Coil”. However, it doesn’t come out until February 2006, so perhaps I won’t feel too bad. You can download the first track from the album at “music (for robots)”:http://music.for-robots.com/archives/001229.html:

B. Fleischmann – Broken Monitors

My first impression (besides that I really liked it) was that it’s less electronic-y than his other songs, but that’s not necessarily true. So. Screw what I think. While I would describe his music (it would make sense in a music blog), I really haven’t gotten the “describing music” thing down. His music is the kind of electronic music I like: playful (although not in the “rainbows & unicorns” sense), layered, blippy, soft, repetative, and soothing. Kind of like a really good dessert, except for the blippy part.

THIS POST IS NOT OVER YET! Ohh no. From looking around “Morr Music”:http://www.morrmusic.com/, I found that I likeed “Electronic President”:http://radicalface.com/6928/22173.html. My initial impression of “Poppy, happy music” is about as unhelpful as a description can get, so check out this song instead:

Electric President – Good Morning, Hypocrite

I’m done with music blogging for now. Time to food blog!