“Soft”:http://www.thebandsoft.com/ has a new song! It’s pretty. And you have no reason to not listen to it because YOU CAN DOWNLOAD IT:

Soft – Higher

PopMatters describes their music with “dreamy aesthetic”, “lilting vocals”, and…the condensation of “a five-year era of British music into one seamless, signature sound.” Sounds good to me–I’m a big fan of the lilt. And spacey layered guitars. And the Brits.

Not that it’s a bad thing, but sometimes I feel like they’re almost annoyingly easy to listen to and consume, kind of like that “Ritter Sport”:http://www.ritter-sport.de/ bar I just gorged on, but without all the fat and sugar. And that’s one reason why music is good; it makes you happy without the combination of sugar and fat.

Soft’s EP is available at Insound.