The new “”: is up, redone by “Hi-Res”: It looks nice initially, but there are some problems and “the fans”: aren’t all that “happy”: due to various mistakes and loss of user-friendliness. Discobox? _With a “c”?_ [shakes head] Hi-Res does make nice websites, but in my opinion their style is better fit for websites that aren’t terribly information-heavy. It’s okay to mess around with “Donnie Darko”:, but flash-ifying everything is a pain when you’re looking for a specific piece of information, like news, tour dates, discography, everything on the old Beck site. Someone’s already putting together a fansite at “”: One of the best site for Beck information right now is “”:

The music player is one of the good things There are some new songs that might rotate….or not. “Untitled Song 2” is the favorite, although I don’t see it on the page now. Hm.

I guess it takes getting used to. They’re probably still working out the kinks on the site and will add more stuff. I’d hate for everything on the old to have vanished. What happened to the previous webmaster, “Truck”:

Ooh you love flash player-things, right? O-kay. Here’s the “Guerolito player”:

[Did anyone else pass out from Thanskgiving? Yeah. O-kay.]