Last night’s “Broadcast”:http://www.broadcast.uk.net show was great. But since I’m tired and my head feels like cotton, I can’t think of many ways to expound upon this description. They played a bunch of songs I love. The drummer did stuff that, if I were at the helm of the drum set, would make me pass out. There was much bleepy happiness. Trish Keenan’s voice makes me feelt melty. She wore a shiny silver jumper. A young woman on my left periodically rubbed against my side–maybe she was drunk. They played loads of stuff from Tender Buttons (almost half, maybe?), a few songs from Haha Sound, and four songs that I didn’t recognize at all. Oops.

I don’t remember all the songs they played, but hearing “Ominous Cloud” and “Winter Now” made me super happy. Those songs give me the feeling of frolicking in the snow and sipping hot chocolate. You probably shouldn’t frolic and sip hot chocolate at the same time unless you like burning yourself, but that’s my description and I’m sticking to it. (No, I’ve never _done_ it before; I’m just imagining it.) They started with “Pendulum”, which is the first Broadcast song I heard that made me into a fan, even though it’s not one of my favorite songs.


“Gravenhurst”:http://www.silentagerecords.co.uk/gravenhurst/ were good, although I probably would’ve enjoyed them more if I had been familiar with their music. I liked how they ended their set with some random electronic mashing/burping (ye know, electronic burping…yes, you do). They could make a whole set of JUST THAT to make me happy. They were just sitting by the merch table after the show, which made me sad for some reason. I had _just_ enough money to buy a Broadcast t-shirt (it’s American Apparel poop brown, thus it is good in the wardrobe of Robyn) and their Microtronics CD. NOTHING ELSE. DAMN. Funds. I don’t recall having bought anything from a concert in years.

Tralala were good too, although nothing like Gravenhurst or Broadcast. Very happy, stuff you could dance to, which is a completely pointless description as it can be interpreted in so many ways. Imagine four girls singing in harmony, with handclaps and tambourines. I think they deserved a bigger crowd, but eh.

Lastly, here is “Poptone’s interview with Trish Keenan”:http://www.poptones.co.uk/index.php?/questions_of_doom/more/trish_keenan/, which I’m linking primarily because it’s called “QUESTIONS OF DOOM”, the best name for an interview section I’ve heard.

I just really like the word “doom”. Amused, I am.

Sleep, I need.