(Boy, I’m really slow with this one.)

So I’m sitting here, as I have been for the past few hours (someone, please remind me that ensuring that your legs are receiving adequate blood flow is a good thing), not really doing anything productive but not twidling my fingers and staring into space either. All of a sudden, “The Bees”:http://www.thebees.info/ pop onto my playlist. Not spontaneously–they were always on it, I just never listened to their songs.

…Which is absolutely ridiculously, because I love this song:

The Bees – Chicken Payback [removed]

My simple description of the song: you’ll either love it or hate it. It’s overly upbeat and bouncy, which I suppose is the best way to sing a song that goes “PAY THE CHICKEN BACK BACK, PAY THE CHICKEN BACK, ETC” until you realize you’ve heard the same nonsensical phrase over and over again. Actually, this is one of those “high risk of annoying the hell out of me” songs, but I like it so far. Let’s not kill the mood.