bq. You fuckers heard of Magnet? Enormous; terrible.

Oh, Nick, that really wasn’t the right thing to say in your Big Outside of Norway article (link via Øyvind). [sigh] Yes, some of us HAVE heard of “Magnet”: and dare I object to Pitchfork and say that he’s not terrible.

Ah…well, whatever floats your boat. Or sinks it. Mwahaha.

On that note, here’s some Magnet touring news that probably won’t apply to anyone who reads this.

Magnet will tour the UK with Athlete and Gemma Hayes later this month in UK.


* 25th – Manchester Apollo
* 26th – Manchester Apollo
* 27th – Newcastle Academy
* 28th – Glasgow Academy
* 29th – Edinburgh Corn Exchange
* 31st – Brighton Centre


* 1st – London Hammersmith Apollo

The Norwegian dates that were due to run at the same time will be rescheduled for early next year. More news on that to come. We apologise for any disappointment with these shows moving and look forward to seeing lots of you on the Athlete dates.

I hope “rescheduled for early next year” is AFTER he comes to the US, like he ought to because…um. Because. It’s a country I’m sitting in right now. When he comes over, I’m forcing everyone who reads this blog to see him perform. Or rather, I will give you the choice between seeing Magnet or me doing things to your brain in a way I haven’t figured out yet. Actually, no one has to be coerced into seeing him but I can’t have any of that vague “Um, sure, maybe I’ll go” stuff.

Also, this is random: French radio station playing a live Magnet thing but I can’t figure out the time difference. 1PM for me? Perhaps? Hm.

Reading this list of recommended songs by Norwegian artists made me realize that although at one level I seem to be in love with whatever comes out of Norway, I just don’t talk about the stuff I don’t like. That’d be kinda…pointless. So I won’t.

I haven’t listened to everything on the list because I’m too lazy, so…I ended up picking out an artist not on that list to listen to. You can hear craploads of “Smalltown Supersound”: songs on Bleep. So far I quite like Sir Dupermann and I don’t know why. Just. Because.

Of course, what I’d really love is some Plone, but they broke up in 2001 (link via Tim). Holy CRAP, I’m slow. By FOUR YEARS. When I read that, I felt something die in my stomach, hopefully a parasite or something that I don’t need. Finding out that one of your favorite bands split up four years after the fact (hey, it’s not like they have a website) is pretty bad. I guess it would’ve been worse if I found out later though. “What, they split up TEN YEARS AGO?!”

As long as I’m semi-talking about electronic stuff, Styrofoam is playing at Knitting Factory on November 22nd, so I shall go.

I thought I had something else to say but I can’t remember. Um. I just ate an apple. I think that means I’m digesting an apple right now.