This Friday at The Tank you can check out the Nhebraska Noise Fest, which “Celebrates the concept of noise as sound: circuit-bending + electronics + noise rock + free jazz + new music, and noise in other media: poetry + theater + video + dance + art installation.” [via Tristan Perich, who one-ups the 8-Bit musicians with 1-bit music.] You can’t go wrong with a festival of noise that lasts 12 hours:

bq. Nhebraska Noise Fest is a day-fest exploring noise in various mediums, both performance and installation. Installations all afternoon from 2pm, Friday, October 28th, 2005. Performances begin at 6 pm. Show runs until 2 am.

Fun times! Potentially! I can’t go because Demetri Martin is going to make me laugh. Hopefully.