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Great news for all you Beck completists out there: pretty soon you’ll be able to own his Guero album again — but this time in convenient, remixed form.

That’s because on December 13, he’ll drop Guerolito a fully reworkedversion of his latest album, featuring remixes by the Beastie Boys’ Ad-Rock, the Dust Brothers’ John King and Scottish electronic duo Boards of Canada, amongst others.

I just wanted a reason to type “Guerolito”. Although I like __Guero__, I prefer many of the remixed songs to the originals. Also from the article:

“We did an EP of remixes with a couple of artists — 8-bit and Paza — who use the sounds and the engines of retooled Nintendos, so you can write your own music with it,” Beck said in a statement. “It’s something that I felt a connection with, just coming from that whole home-recording, four-track world,” Beck said. “It’s the equivalent of that in the electronic-music world. There’s all kinds of people making music. I mean, those are always my favorite electronic sounds. We were always in the studios always trying to get my keyboard to sound like a video game.”

On that note, I have reason to mention International Chiptune Resistance at The Tank (208 West 37th Street) this Saturday. [via boing boing] It’s an “unprecedented micromusic mega-event”. “Micromusic”: (Warning: automatically plays audio.) Yup, music made out of video game consoles. If you like music or video games (hopefully you fit into one of those categories), you should go. I’m not very knowledgable in the world of micromusic, but I like The 8-Bit Construction Set. They only have one album (which only has two actual songs on it, the rest of it consisting of samples, loops, and data), but it’s fun and bleepy.