welcoming the audience

“Demetri Martin’s”:http://www.demetrimartin.com/ one-man show These Are Jokes (he added more dates!) is awesome. You should go. Unless you don’t like laughing a lot, in which case you kind of suck. Unless it’s for medical reasons, in which case, that just sucks overall.

Demetri is more entertaining than most comedians in my opinion because his style is…unconventional. Not in a way that would confuse or ostracize the audience, but in a …um… I don’t know. His presentation isn’t brash or in-your-face, but he tells his jokes in a rapid-fire-like action. He’s not exactly subtle but you can kind of feel like he is.

bq. “I just wanted to take some of my favorite jokes and do a nice solid hour of high LPM – high laughs per minute. So I do tons of jokes and present them in different ways; some are with drawings, some with music and some anecdotal. But really it’s just a nice big pile of jokes.” – Gothamist

can I get a little more glockenspiel?

While telling jokes he would sometimes play music. I don’t know how that came about, but it seemed to make things…funnier. Why would you play a glockenspiel and keyboard while telling jokes? Why wouldn’t you? Don’t you love the word “glockenspiel”? It must take some coordination to play the glockenspiel and keyboard at the same time, but he didn’t mess up. It was a flawless glockenspiel-keyboard-comedy performance. Those are rare, you know.

During the show someone’s cell phone went off. “Is that what you hear when God calls you?” The ring tone was actually pretty nice, about as ethereal as a ring tone would get. Um. Anyway.

If you want to laugh for 90 minutes (not straight; you do get to breathe), you should go. Goooo. GOOOO.