Not that this music is new, but I like Chessie and decided to listen to them after a friend sent me some Broken Social Scene songs that reminded of…them. The first time I heard them was on WNYU’s Didjilution some years ago, who played “Daylight”, downloadable at Epitonic (along with other good mp3s). I just automatically loved it, which is one of those weird things. Didjilution was really hit-or-miss as I wouldn’t like most of the stuff they played, but every now and then they’d play a song my brain would automatically gravitate to. Yup…brain. Gravitating. Here’s another song I like:

Chessie – Clear Block [removed]

I don’t feel like describing the music so you should just download it and make your own judgement. Epitonic says “swirling, disorienting breakbeat compositions”…yeah, sounds good to me. (nods)

Despite that I’ve had years to amass a collection of Chessie albums numbering more than one, I still only have Signal Series. And damn, I just bought a few CDs on today after going to Tower Records and Other Music and realizing “I’m cheap; I’ll go online.” Yes, so I can save a few bucks. Now I can buy a chocolate bar.