Do you have an artist that you can listen to whenever you don’t know what to listen to? Maybe having too may choices is spoiling because sometimes I’m not in the mood to listen to any one particular artist. Then I put on The Innocence Mission and feel better.

Otherwise, songs I have been listening to way too much lately are CocoRosie’s “Noah’s Ark” and Soulwax’s “E-Talking”. Yeah, they’re not exactly…similar. “Oslo in the Summertime” by Of Montreal has also been stuck in my head a little too much.

Wanna hear a really scary song and accompanying animation? Kinda? Do You Like Waffles? (flash) It’s kind of awesome. And scary. Waffles and pancakes make you go insane.

Tomorrow is the Interpol show at Webster Hall. I like Interpol and haven’t gotten to see them live yet, but for whatever reason I’m not dying to go…partially because I’ve been sick for a few days and I’m sure I won’t be fresh as a daisy tomorrow. I’d have to be near death/never-ending fountain of mucus to not go though.