Bit Shifter

I think there’s a limit to how much of this 8-bit micromusic one can take. “Bit Shifter”: went on first before “The Tank”: had filled to maximum capacity with mainly tall guys wearing black. Initially, people were sitting on chairs–LAME. YOU DO NOT SIT WHEN YOU CAN STAND! Even when you _can_ sit, you don’t always do that. Then again, the people sitting down gave me a better view.

So…I liked Bit Shifter, his three Game Boys and his spastic enthusiasm/hand gestures, but after that I got rather tired and felt bleeped out or something. It’s not like all the music sounds the same, but maybe the “sushi”: I ate beforehand (which was so good, man) did something to my brain. I don’t know. “Amy”:, who practically majors in video games (independent study) came with me and also got bleeped out.

We had a fun two hours though. A few years ago I used to want “Little Sound DJ”:, problem being that they don’t make the cartridges anymore and…I probably wouldn’t use it anyway. I have a tendency to buy music related things and not use them often (*cough* theremin *cough*). But, not joking, there have been upwards of three Game Boys in my house at one time (hopefully not the case now, as we don’t use them) and it would’ve been hell of a good use if I could program songs on all of them.