Yaaay Sigur Ros is great, but I think you knew that. Every time I see Sigur Ros, they’re pretty much the same, which isn’t bad since “the same” means “really great”. Since they’re consistent (like the deliciousness of chocolate), I’ll just talk about the weird non-consistent things.

1) Dude who started snoring near the end of the show. Uh. Okay, I can kind of imagine Sigur Ros putting you to sleep, but good god…don’t actually go to sleep! AND SNORE!!!

2) Fan who was singing: you’re kidding me, right? Someone was attempting to sing along to the songs in the beginning of the show, a mind boggling feat if you know what Sigur Ros sounds like. Their music doesn’t really command sing-a-longs. I think the person stopped after someone else got pissed off at him/her.

Otherwise, it was all good. They played some new songs but overall there was stuff from all the albums, which made me happy. I can’t remember what they played but they started off with “Glosoli” and ended with “Popplagid”…or something like that. I can’t keep track of setlists I can’t spell. :p


I loved the opener, (and Sigur Ros’s string players) Amina. Kinda like less electronic-y Mum-esque music: playful but not immature. Happiness inducing, not saccharine. (One of the members spoke to the audience to say thanks and my friend said her voice was like the most innocent sounding voice ever. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I felt like it was kind of endearing and funny at the same time.) I’ve never seen anyone play glasses of water before or a saw so that was neat. They ended their set of rather subdued songs with this insanely cutesy Casio VL1-esque centered tune. I wish I had recorded it.

Oh god, no sleep…no more concerts. No CMJ stuff this year.