Mew video screen cap

Nono, there isn’t a video of Mew and dancing elephants. That would be…weird. Mew has a new music video for “Special”. As you can see from the screen cap, it’s black and white and it has humans in it, like the band (mainly Jonas) and a couple who seem to be having relationship issues and enjoy frolicking in water. At night. Watch it (thanks CJ, pancakes are a-comin’):

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I’m really glad CJ mentioned the video is directed by Martin de Thura or else I would’ve thought it was too similar to a Carpark North music video. …because it is (with the floaty-slow-ness). But for good reason (same director). I like Carpark North’s videos more though, hmmmm. has live Mew videos from Roskilde. [via it’s a trap!]

As for the “dancing elephants” portion of this post, you’ve seen Dumbo and the tripped out sequence with dancing elephants, yes? And since you were 5 when you saw it, you had no idea what was going on. Or maybe that was me. Boing Boing has a video of it mixed with the version “recorded years later by the great Sun Ra and his Arkestra”. I’m not a huge fan of Dumbo (can’t say I like elephants, the circus, mice, or black crows) but this is one of the most memorable Disney animated sequences.

Lastly, play with the Pâte à Son for some time wasting music fun! It’s a “sound toy and compositional tool conceived to encourage musical experimentation.” Or in my words, you move a bunch of pipes and stuff around the screen and funky sounds come out. I don’t know if it’s just my computer’s inability to function properly, but after a while the sounds start repeating too much resulting in a jack-hammer-esque sound porridge (try to imagine that). Until that happens, it’s rather fun. [via Cakehead]