Like a really large box. That makes more sense now, right?

…okay, not really. I didn’t get much from this Oyafestivalen review but pictures speak louder than words. Unfortunately the picture can’t tell me why it exists. Semi-private Magnet performance in what could be a large container for garbage? I don’t think I’d be too quick to stick my head in there if I didn’t know what was going on, although I might be the perfect height for it.

Oh, Magnet, silly! What’s with the matching clothes? 😉 I think if Even and his band were to make an impact with their attire, they should dress in funny suits. His bassist could be a hot dog, guitarist could be a giant fish…okay, it’d be really hard to take them seriously. But it’s already hard to do that if they’re all wearing the same outfit!

MAGNET IN A BOX: not coming to a festival near you! Damn you, Öya.