I just read a bad review for “The Tourniquet” the other day but I can’t find it anymore. It was interesting because it had truthful points, except for the correlation between “sleepy music” and “bad music”. I don’t think that Magnet will ever make a party album (although it would be more likely than The Innocence Mission making one) unless it’s a…tea party?

The Tourniquet” has been getting good reviews but reading the bad review made me think about how much I like it. In order of preference, I like “Quiet & Still”, then “On Your Side”, then “The Tourniquet”. I think I’ll always be bothered that seemingly no one has listened to “Quiet & Still”, which you can easily buy at Five One Inc, where it’s been for the past four years. Then again, I can’t really explain why I like it so much. It’s a good thing I don’t review music for a living.

Magnet is doing a crapload of tour dates in Norway.

Okay, I thought about it for a few minutes and every song on “Quiet & Still” just grabs me. Like….RAWR! But not. More like a quiet rawr. A warm fuzzy kitten. Yes, that’s it. Warm fuzzy kitten, lying on your head. OH, wait wait, I found a better visual: hedgehog baby. Listening to “Quiet & Still” is like being a hedgehog baby. God, those things are cute (DON’T TELL ME OTHERWISE).

Wow, brains don’t work well after 4 AM, do they?

Lastly, I love how Thom looks very very small in this photo in the woods.