You can listen to clips from Magnet’s new album “The Tourniquet” on this page. HOORAY? Pretty squiggles are brought to you by Martin Kvamme. And my scanner. Even though some dates have been tossed around for a US release, I don’t think anything is confirmed, besides that it will be here soonish. America’s still poopy.

In this recent Magnet article, there’s a lot of stuff in Norwegian. What I can understand though is the photo of Even standing in the middle of a road/bridge with a cigarette dangling out of his mouth. …actually, I lied; I don’t know what that means either. There are no cars in Askoy?

I got tickets for Royksopp and Broadcast, so now I’m just waiting around for Beck. BEEEECCCCKKK! While I didn’t think about it before, I just realized that’s there’s no way I’m going to Keyspan Park for a music festival, especially since Beck is going to do an east coast tour (or else feel the burning wrath of unhappy Beck fans…yes, it burns).

Something Beck related I’d like: Pickin’ on Beck: The Bluegrass Tribute. CMH is churning out these things like nuts. At a nut factory. Or cookies at a cookie factory. Feel free to fill in your own painfully obvious comparison.