Family Guy

I’ve watched Family Guy: Take On Me way too many times in the past few days. Most of my friends agree that this is hilarious and for some reason, Chris’ carefree wigglin’ dance and confused exclamation, “I DON’T KNOW”, amuse me beyond belief.

WHYYYY?!?!?! (This is where I’d play Chris saying, “I DON’T KNOW.”)

The bad thing about this video is that watching it excessively has caused “Take On Me” to comfortably snuggle itself into some nook of my brain that plays it ALL THE TIME, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STOP IT STOP IT…I mean. Yeah. Please. Why is that song so catchy? I don’t even like it much. The music video freaks me out a bit and for some reason the lyrics “Take on me / Take me on” also bother me. But if I don’t pay much attention, it sounds okay.

Man, what’s with all the videos lately? There can only be MORE!!!

(Oh lookie, an A-Ha/Office Space mashie…damn.)

And thus concludes another “post that CJ will enjoy.” A little bit more news: Magnet is probably coming to NYC within the next…6 months. How about at least within the next 12 months? Huhhh? THE VAGUENESS COMPELLS YOU!