Don’t you love ZEFRANK? Yeah? Sing-Along Songs For Children W/Short Attention Spans. [via growabrain]

Sing-along songs…suck! I remember having those “Wee Sing” books and cassettes when I was little and wondering what I was supposed to do with them. Sing with them? Or something? Unravel the cassette and play with the tape? I don’t know. I remember having a brown one that i think was meant for camp sing-alongs, ironic because I NEVER WENT TO CAMP (well, not one that would entail singing along with stuff).

However, I loved those Disney sing-along videos. Because of the rich collection of Disney’s Sing Along Songs I inhaled (you inhale them, like indispensable gases) as a child, I know the lyrics to more Disney songs than anyone should know (or anyone who’s not actually a huge Disney fan, nor sings). I don’t want to know the lyrics to “Tiki Tiki Room”, but I do. Well. The chorus. But that’s bad enough…all those animatronic birds clicking their metal beaks…if you don’t know what I’m talking about, that’s for the best.

On a totally unrelated note, RESFEST MUSIC VIDEOS, wee! [via I Think So] RES Magazine (one of the few magazines I subscribe to, or rather, I actually pay to subscribe) puts on a little film festival every year, traveling the globe over many months, starting in NYC. I went to a screening last year for “VIDEOS THAT ROCK” and I think I’ll go again seeing that Carpark North’s “Human” is in there. I’m sure everything else is good too (Interpol’s “Evil” weirds me out a bit), but that video is a really good 2:30 of your life. Seeing music videos on the big screen is a lot better than staring/squinting my eyes at them on my laptop, in an even tinier Quicktime or Windows Media Player screen, before realizing that I’m actually watching the video at 200% and the actual dimensions of the movie are the same as my thumbnail’s.