From the Magnet newsletter:

cover of Hold On

Hello Magnet friends,

The new album from MAGNET “The Tourniquet” is released on Monday 22nd August in UK.

It’s preceeded by a very limited single “Hold On” the week before (15 August). This comes in a twin 7″ only format and the tracks will also be available for download via I-tunes. A limited number come with a hand-written note from Even, and all 7″ contain Magnet stickers. The single includes exclusive tracks “The Mute” and “Good Mourning”.

One of the 7″‘s will also contain a VIP Atlantic Gold Pass, the person who finds this gets a flight to Norway to see Magnet perform!

To celebrate these releases MAGNET makes a rare live appearance (with full band) in London.

Wednesday 17th August

LONDON 93Ft EAST, Brick Lane, EC1

Tickets are available here or by calling 020 7403 3331 or 020 7734 8932

We hope you’re all keeping well and hope to see you at this show.

We’ll be back in touch shortly with news of the Album and Single in more detail

Until then…



As far as I know, there isn’t a set US release date for “The Tourniquet”.

I’m not insane. Really! But I feel compelled to do a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-esque search for the ticket, which makes no sense (nono, I’m not crazy enough to do that…don’t worry). I hope that whoever gets the ticket deserves it muchly because come to think of it, I don’t deserve anything like that. I SPENT $6.25 ON A SHACK SHACK “CONCRETE” LAST NIGHT. I squander my money on tasty chocolate-filled calorically-dense dairy behemoths while in another country, $6.25 could feed a family of four for a month.

I just wondered why I updated this page before home of magnet. …because I can go insane here (ie, be myself) before having to pretend I am not insane. Or something.