I’d write about more things in one topic but then the title would become…the post.

I decided to update my “currently playing” thing on the right and realized that I don’t listen to a crapload of stuff. I just got Coldplay’s new album in exchange for some website work (pay me in CDs, yes!) and even though I’m not a huge fan, I…can’t…help it…must listen to Coldplay…for the love of god, WHY?! Seriously.

I’ve been listening to the new Royksopp album lately in preparation for the Irving Plaza show this Wednesday but sadly, I can’t say I like it a whole lot. At least, not compared to “Melody A.M.”, which I really like. I think it’s due to the lack of Erlend action; no Erlend = not as enjoyable. Or maybe it’s because the people they got to sing on the new album irritate me a bit (I can be over-judgemental with people singing voices). I’m not saying The Understanding is bad–I’m just not liking it as much as I’d hope to. It’s selling well in Norway, but that’s not surprising. 🙂

I found a way to get around the stupid “should I go to Sigur Ros” internal debate; get a pair of tickets and write it off as a birthday present! Do I deserve a birthday present? Not really. Birthday’s aren’t a big deal in my family (on a semi-related note, today is my brother’s 23rd birthday; and what do you know, he’s still at home looking for a job). I think Sigur Ros is a good birthday present though, so as long as I can get tickets (which go onsale July 22nd), I’ll go to the 9/12 show.

On a totally unrelated note, A-Ha is playing at Irving Plaza on 9/12. I didn’t grow up listening to A-Ha. Should I have?

Okay, back to Sigur Ros. Their coolness factor has risen due to the presence of their flickr account. [via Brooklyn Vegan] If you like taking photos, flickr is awesome and definitely worth paying for. DO IT.

Central Village looks at real ticket prices: oh crap. I’m not paying $50 to see BRMC. $50 for TWO tickets…alright, that makes much more sense! I have to go back to elementary school so I can learn how to read. Apparently, I am lacking this ability. Uhoh.

Damn, this is getting too long. Can someone inform me about Irving Plaza’s bag policy? I’ve only been there twice but during the first time they didn’t make me check in my bag, while during the second they pretty much forced me to. Hm. Also, if anyone has recommendations on where to eat around there (yeah, I should know these things and if I have to I’ll figure out something) let me know.