I’ve been reading about Nine Black Alps a lot lately (well, about their show at the Mercury Lounge). So for no reason, I’ll share my thoughts about their music. …not really my kind of music. Actually, that’s not true, but for some reason I didn’t get into their EP after listening to it a few times. My first impression was that I’d enjoy them live but not so much just listening to a CD. Am I too picky?

cover of Fisherman's Woman

As for something that I’m enjoying lately, Emiliana Torrini’s latest album Fisherman’s Woman is beautiful. I especially like the last track:

Emiliana Torrini – Serenade [removed]

Her latest album has rather sparse acoustic instrumentation (not that there’s anything wrong with that; Emiliana’s voice is the main thing here), making it very different from Love in the Time of Science, which comparatively has a harsher, electronic, produced feel. I love that album, but I prefer Fisherman’s Woman. If you can see her live, DO IT! She’s great and one of the most adorable musicians I’ve ever seen. Or THE most adorable (really). She’s playing at the Summer Sundae Festival on August 13th this year in Leicester (besides Slough, one of my favorite names for a place in England). I went to the festival last year and the line up looks better this year, dammit (not that it was bad last year but I was only interested enough in going on the Sunday instead of the whole weekend).

GO TO SUMMER SUNDAE! I would. I’d also go to Oyafestivalen. I quite sure that I LIVE ON THE WRONG CONTINENT! For more reasons than one. I’d talk about how Americans are all screwed because our food supply seems so unprotected compared to Europe (regulations and such) but …whatever. We’re all doomed guinea pigs. (Whoops, digression.)

Something about Magnet! I guess Music Week had something about Norwegian artists and he was mentioned in there. I’ve never seen this publication before though…hrm. Whenever there’s something in print and in English about Magnet, I aim to find it. There’s something wrong with me.

BC Camplight is doing a residency at The Living Room on August 1st, 15th, and 29th. Check him out if you can. MAKE YER MONDAYS FUNNER! I found the message on the Living Room’s website, “All shows are 21 years and older *unless accompanied by a parent” funny–so when I turn 20, I’ll have to drag my mum with me? Isn’t there something wrong with that? (Yes.) Well. Perhaps it’s better than not allowing under-21s in at all, but really. I’m not bringing my mum–I’m staying home. Because I suck.

On a random ranty note, Myspace…wait, do I have to say anything else? All anyone has to say is “myspace” to commence the cringing of legions of Internet users. I just realized the other day that I had a privacy setting on that required people to enter my last name or email address to add me as a friend (and it’s not like I keep that information padlocked in a vault at the bottom of the ocean) so I turned it off. And then…random friend requests, WHY? I’m going to turn that option back on, along with “Block Friend Request From Bands”. I’m sure these people don’t suck but come on, that’s not cool.