Yesterday morning I thought “Hey, I’ll go to the Beacon Theater to buy my Sigur Ros tickets!”

Actually, that was the night before. And no, I didn’t go to NYC just for the sake of getting tickets, as I’m not that insane. I had something else to do, but I figured I’d wake up nice and early to get to the box office, involving a leisurely morning walk from the Port Authority terminal. We NJ-ers barely walk. It sucks.

So. I got there at around 10:15 AM and there were already people waiting. Jeez. …then again, I was there too. A few more people came along to get Sigur Ros tickets but by 11, we weren’t a big crowd.

And then…tickets! And then…no orchestra seats? Huh? The woman at the ticket counter told one of the first people in line that there weren’t any orchestra tickets, resulting in much disgruntledness (I don’t think she bought any tickets). By the way, you can still buy orchestra tickets on ticketmaster, at least the last time I checked. It was strange that first thing in the morning, we were apparently orchestra ticket-less. However, some people did get orchestra tickets. It was confusing. Not a very organized operation, I guess.

I ended up with loge, row C, seats 27, 29, and 31 for September 12th. That’s not bad, but those seats are in the leftmost section, which I hope doesn’t suck. The seats seemed incredibly random but I figured…whatever. Gimme. It can’t be worse than when I saw Sigur Ros from the third balcony at Radio City, and it doesn’t really matter as long as you can hear the music, yes?

And at least I got the tickets at face value. Each ticketmaster surcharge per ticket costs more than my round trip bus ticket to NYC; boy, that sucks. Even though it’s not as convenient, you can save quite a lot of money by going to the venue to buy tickets (they only take cash and the guy behind me wanted 8 tickets so…damn). And if you’re a bakery hound (wow, digression), for the money you haven’t given to ticketmaster, I suggest getting something at Lady M: ohh, deliciousness. If you don’t like desserts, something’s wrong with you.

Boo to weird ticket system. Yay to Sigur Ros.

Lastly, Sondre Lerche updated his online journal, talking about how he’s getting older (BUT HE’S STILL INSANELY YOUNG) and honeymooning in Norway.