I feel quite cheap after deciding not to see Sigur Ros upon finding out that the tickets were $50, plus whatever other fees get tacked onto that (I checked out the pre-sale night when nothing was sold out yet). Since that’s from the pre-sale, I’m guessing Ticketmastercrapheadsatanthing (unofficial title) will be worse. So. I’ll probably will skip out on Sigur Ros this time. All day I actually thought about whether the tickets were really expensive and I guess they’re not, but if I had to think about it all day then that must mean I’m not dying to go.

…but they are very good, so if you can go, go. 🙂

Actually, I found $55 in an old Christmas card while cleaning out my drawers. Hm.

Random memory: I think I saw a guy eating nachos the last time I saw Sigur Ros. It may have been during the intermission, but still. Nachos? I was in the last row at that concert, but it was kind of a mixed blessing since I got to sit high on the chair and lean against the wall.

On an unrelated note, Do Make Say Think is playing at the Bowery Ballroom tomorrow. $13! I’d like to go, but I’m not.