Carpark North album

An otherwise crap-filled day was saved by the arrival of Carpark North CDs from CD Skiven, less than a week after I ordered them. (I wrote about their awesome music video a few weeks ago.) I got three copies of All Thinks To All People, the other two being for Diana and CJ. After shipping, each copy was only $23. That might be because it’s on sale but I’m not sure since my Danish is a little rusty/nonexistent.

As usual, I like this album but don’t know how to explain why. I just…do. Maybe you’ll like this song:

Carpark North – Berlin [removed]

It’s pretty. I like pretty things. Give me some aluminum foil and I’ll go, “Ooh, it’s shiny, me like.”

Okay, maybe not. I’d compare Carpark North to something else but I can’t think of a good comparison. Not that their sound is hard to pin down–I’m just not the person to do it. Rock. Pop. “80 style electro-pop” and “dynamic” as described on their website. Worth $23. Quiet & loud (the track “The Beasts” is a good example of that). A band that may never be well-known in the US, which is a shame. Actually, I could compared them to Mew but less rock-ful and more electronic-ish. (Okay, maybe that’s not such a good comparison.)

Besides being musicians, all the band members are computer programmers.

So that’s my album recommendation.

I’m leaning towards going to the City Bakery tomorrow for a dessert-filled dinner. 🙂 I’ve heard about the yumminess of Zen Palate but have yet to experience it.

It is very silly that I had to talk myself into seeing Sigur Ros. Doh. The prospect of seeing them alone didn’t seem too fun though. I remind myself that if not for my interest in seeing live music, I’d be much more closeted than I already am. This might sound stupid, but I never feel totally comfortable at concerts; a part of me feels like I don’t belong there. But my desire to go to them outweighs the uneasiness. Thank god.

Luis Katigbak is my favorite music writer. Granted, I don’t know any others but if anything else were as good, I’d remember it. He’s not just a music writer though; all his writing is good. Unfortunately, he lives in Manila (not that I’d mind living there, it’s just a bit far from here) so most of the world will never read his stuff. Kind of like a lot of good music that’s out there that no one will ever hear.