Firstly, there’s a Free Feist performance tomorrow at Borders at Columbus Circle. Free = cheap! I’m probably not going, mainly because I suck. Other free non-music related things tomorrow that you might want to check out in NYC are the Renegade Craft Fair and grand opening of Giant Robot’s new store (Giant Robot is an awesome magazine, in case you didn’t know), GRNY.

As for the Norwegian part of this post, I came across this article about the Isle of MTV festival and it seems like the weather in Bergen is craptastic right now. I can’t read the article but that’s what I gather. Not really a big news thing but I thought the photo on the article’s page looked really sad. AW. CLOUDS. Another weather related thinger: Sondre Lerche wrote that “…it’s funny that in the month of June I’ve played for melting people in Brooklyn and freezing people in Bergen.” Sondre Lerche’s online diary is funny and if you don’t read it then…um. You should. Another Norwegian thing is this article that might be about how to be rock-star-ish. A joke, I’m sure. Is it funny? I dunno. HAR HAARRRR! Hiiihiiii!

Last link for now is G8 REBOOT. Sadly, I haven’t given a great deal of thought to Live 8 and what its purpose is even though I’ve read so much about it in the past week. So why do I care? …well, I should care more than I do. Of course I’d like to make poverty history; who wouldn’t? And. I don’t have much else to say (not eloquently, at least) so I just thought I’d mention it.