This isn’t necessarily music related, but some of it is! And ALL of it is NYC related, so…

Crackers United gives us five things to do in NYC, three of which I was already planning to do or wanted to do but knew I couldn’t do. First is seeing Soft at The Delancey, which to my knowledge is 21+ and…screw that. Perhaps another time, as I’d like to see em play.

Second is the Big Apple BBQ, which sounded like hella fun until I realized I wasn’t that into meat (but someday I will ingest amazing southern BBQ). If you’re insane, you can buy a special fast pass card for $100 so you can load up on meat MORE QUICKLY THAN EVER IMAGINED. Have fun digesting that.

Third is Howl’s Moving Castle. I am not a movie person and the only movies I will see without second thought (besides Harry Potter…yeah?!) are those by Miyazaki. It’s more of a childhood thing than anything else but his movies are awesome and the music is always good. And besides the music, EVERYTHING is good. Miyazaki’s movies are unlike just about anything else. I’m annoyed because I can’t tell if it’s dubbed or not; certainly someplace would have it subtitled but it’s only playing at one theater this Friday. I’ll think about it.

And there’s a fourth thing Crackers United didn’t mention: MoCCA Art Festival 2005 on Saturday! It’s at the Puck Building on Lafayette and if you’re at all interested in funky little comics (and bigger ones, but mainly little ones) then you HAVE to go to this thing. Also, I WILL BE TABLING with Diana. The overall message you need to bring away from this paragraph is that I will be selling stuff; for the love of god, support this webmaster because…I asked. I’ll mainly be selling Poofy wares and buttons (took me more than an hour to cut out 200 of those little bastard circles with a circle cutter). And I’ll possibly have free buttons. So if you’re not doing anything on Saturday (I’m not tabling on Sunday) stop by (here’s a map) and say hello.

For some music related, I really like The Tourniquet after having listened to it a crapload of times in the past two days. Songs I didn’t like before and turning into songs I really like (listening to “Jaws” right now). Huh. And check this out, the album entered at #2 in Norway, which is sweet. And I’m just going to ignore the #1 album since I think it’s a bunch of kids singing stuff. I’m sure they’re talented, but…no. #3 looks like another talent competition album. I’m glad Magnet managed to squeeze in.