Soft is a Brooklyn based band that does sound kind of…soft. Maybe. Soft is also a way to describe my stuffed animal penguin that’s staring at me right now. My penguin can’t play music though so there aren’t any other similarities to speak of.

I’m so bad at describing music that I had to talk about my penguin. But here I go. …… [tumbleweed rolls by]…upon my first listen, I thought “This reminds me of something. I like it.” 20+ listens later, I have absolutely no idea who Soft reminds me of and it’s kind of bothering me. I’ve read the description “dream pop”, which is appropriate. I’d also describe them as sounding British/un-American, a sweeping generalization but…hey, I’m allowed to do that and I mean it in a good way. Here’s their latest single, a floaty song (yes, floaty):

Soft – Droppin’

You like the song, right? You should. Wait, you didn’t download the song yet? What’s wrong with you, just click it! You’ll like their other songs too. Like this one:

Soft – You Make Me Wanna Die

Why do you like the song? Because…I said so. And I like the title (because it applies to so many people, yes?). I may have faulty reasoning, but you can’t do anything about it and I bet you liked the songs.

Crackers United has more info about the band.