Weird that I hadn’t been thinking about Royksopp lately but I just happened stumbled upon the news that their new album is done (from Bates Motel). Yeah, I’m slow but the official site just put up the info today. And the US of A is getting it last in the world. BECAUSE WE SUCK! OR SOMETHING! July 12th is when “The Understanding” is coming out while the rest of the world gets it in June! Doh. I suppose that’s better than having to wait for Melody AM to come to the US (it did come with a bonus CD though).

Magnet is coming out with a new album on May 30th, I think. I don’t know; ISN’T THAT HILARIOUS? Right. “Duracellia” is the first single out in Europe but I don’t know the name of the album or all the songs on it. I guess it doesn’t really matter as it’s not likely to come out in the US for a while. Everything I’m reading about it (but not understanding very well) is in Norwegian so I’m just guessing. “Duracellia” is a great song and I’ve listened to it a gazillion times in a row because IT IS THAT GOOD or I’m that obsessed (it’s the first reason, really). I’d let you listen to it but maybe after the album comes out…

Totally unrelated, but I installed ipod linux on my iPod today since you can record with it and not have to spend a crapload on some sucky iPod mic. I haven’t actually gotten to try it yet since I made iPod Linux the default instead of the Apple firmware and…DON’T DO THAT. You can’t turn off the iPod if its in Linux; you’ll have to reboot it in the Apple firmware. That’s not very convenient. I figure I’ll only use Linux to record stuff (or play Pong in times of intense boredom) so I deinstalled it and I’ll try again later. Anyway, using my iPod as a recording device would make it a lot easier to record live shows, even if its sucky quality.


MRAAH Royksopp at Irving Plaza on July 17th TICKETS WEE okay, done being excited. Diana and I saw them about two years ago, mad fun yo. You should go. I’m going. Yes, I must.