Spice Girls Reunite [via metafilter].

Why am I mentioning this? Are you telling me that you never liked the Spice Girls?

…erm. Well. I used to listen to them but I wouldn’t exactly want them to reunite. I kind of like knowing that the Spice Girls and other pop-artists of years past remain in the past. I don’t like the sound of this reuniting-whatnot. I became unsettled when I heard that the Backstreet Boys were touring again.

I think my listening to the Spice Girls and BSB was a result of peer pressure. Oh yes, peer pressure either get you to do drugs or listen to top-40 artists. I even used to listen to Aqua. AQUA! God, they were scary. And when I say “used to”, I mean this all happened seven or so years ago, or roughly an eon in my life as far as music is concerned.

Very bad things should happen to whoever thought of the idea to get the Spice Girls back together (for a “large paycheck”).