I’m too lazy to go to concerts when I have to get someone to drive me to the bus station (I can drive but I can’t park there because I’m not a resident of that town, blast) and then I have to get on a bus for at least an hour and then I have to take a subway and then…at some point I get to the venue. But it’s not that hard. I’M JUST LAZY.

Should I go to Rilo Kiley this Friday, even though I’m not really a fan and it costs $18? Probably not. Cos I’m lazy. I need more excuses to get out of NJ though.

Thank god for the free Sondre Lerche performance, giving me a sliver of joy to look forward to since the rest of my life has been consumed by sitting on my bum working on websites and wheezing because my lungs hate me. I will go to Brooklyn for free Sondre! Mic.no a nice article about the awesomeness of Sondre [via It’s a trap!].

I was mildly frightened last week when my house received the latest issues of Blender and Entertainment Weekly with Coldplay staring at me from both covers. I don’t mind Coldplay, but I’m assuming that that was just the beginning of magazine cover assult-ness. Actually, the chorus of “The Speed of Sound” has been stuck in my head and I kind of hate that. The rest of the song didn’t feel like embedding itself in my brain meats. Super. I was curious enough to see them play so I watched Saturday Night Live–wow, it still sucks even though I haven’t watched it in more than a year (I liked Coldplay’s performance though). Or I’m out of the loop as to what constitutes as comedy. From what I know about SNL (not a whole lot, I admit), they go through loads of ideas for skits; how do they end up with so much painfully un-funny material?

…that wasn’t really music related. Thus, I go back to not watching any TV unless something music related is on. Oh, I technically caught SNL when Beck was on but it was during the credits. That doesn’t count.