I didn’t talk about Coachella at all. It kind of slipped my mind, to tell you the truth. Of course, I wouldn’t have minded going but there wasn’t one artist in particular I would have gladly chopped off an appendage (a minor appendage) to see. And I’d probably never go.

I’m mentioning it now because of Ice Cream Man’s Coachella Review. Food and music together, good lord. Ice cream is good. The site is cool and has lots of photos and reviews, but…


Actually, I don’t even like ice cream that much, but ice cream trucks make me happy. I think that instead of beer and other non-exciting substances, music venues should serve milkshakes, sundaes, and pancakes. I have yet to find anyone who wholeheartedly agrees with me on this idea, but come on! Shakes! Mm!

The end.

…oh wait, not the end. Check out the Make Your Own Coachella Blog Post [from Boing Boing]. I think this just applies to guys. Here’s my favorite part because I think I’ve read sentences like these on a number of occasions:

Speaking of religious experiences, I think I can die now. I FINALLY got to see New Order live. I’ve loved those guys since {I was a kid/I first heard The Killers/somebody told me I was supposed to} and needless to say, they didn’t disappoint. I left after their set because I had an early flight home. No worries, I heard that Bright Eyes {sucked/sucked/sucked} anyway. So whatever.

No mention of ice cream though. [sniff]